Position Closed - Posted March 21, 2018

Consumer & Market Intelligence Professional

L'Oréal Travel Retail Americas Supplier Miami, FL

About The Position

Consumer & Market Intelligence Professional

LOREAL Travel Retail Americas - Miami

Conduct the market research plan within its parameters (global shopper research, market panels, beauty trends, passenger traffic trends etc.), share them with the internal clients to ensure proper consideration of the consumer into the growth strategy of the business. Support the commercial team in their business plan alignment with retailers, with the right shopper and category insights, market and category reviews, and during retailer presentation. Help in internal arbitration between brands when needed, thanks to fact based recommendation

  • Carry out CMI studies; gather all existing data and research.
  • Undertake in-depth analysis of the results to evaluate the demand for products and services.
  • Organize an in-depth strategic watch (consumer / global shoppers, competition, new business models), identify the market and consumer’s /global shoppers major trends and market opportunities.
  • Formalize recommendations to feed the growth strategy of the business
  • Identify and monitor competitors' activity thanks to panel analyses and DIM; determine the conditions and evolution of the market that may affect sales (competition, socio-economy, culture, demographics) and propose strategic recommendations based on these analyses
  • Generate consumer insights, share them with the marketing teams and commercial teams, and work with them to make the projects (products, services, communication) engaging for consumers
  • Propose and formalize the scope of the market research projects (objectives, timeframes, human and material resources, costs), guide CMI agencies on outsourced research projects and ensure the correct use and application of the Group's methodologies
  • Work with the internal clients (marketing teams, commercial teams, digital, etc.) to develop their expertise and knowledge of the consumer and the generation of insights and market research.
  • Construct and communicate concise and striking messages for senior management, ensuring their integration in key decisions
  • Take the role of adviser



  • Demonstrates expertise market research methodology, panel analysis, statistics and big data


  • Masters consumer, product and brand knowledge
  • Integrates retail, shopper & and digital perspectives (strategy and appropriated methodologies)


  • Translates consumer and trends into meaningful insights


  • Shares & leverages best practices
  • Engages and leads stakeholders in collaboration
  • Influences business strategy and communication CMI analysis with conviction (clarity, ability to synthezise, impact)

L'Oréal Travel Retail Americas

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