ForceForward is a video interview series that highlights some of the positive momentum in the consumer brand universe. Each episode features a conversation with one of the industry’s top thought leaders and offers a glimpse into what business looks like tomorrow.

ForceForward speaks to ambitious entrepreneurs, executive leaders, and transformational brand builders who are looking for innovative ways to pivot and evolve and create opportunities amid challenges.

New episodes of the forward-leaning series launch across ForceBrands’ channels on Tuesdays.

Explore highlights from past episodes:

JOSH WAND | CEO + Founder, ForceBrands and PINATA
As a leader of two high growth companies, ForceBrands and PINATA, Josh shares how he approaches leadership in crisis, how organizations are redesigning, and how the face of hiring as we know it is changing.

“I’m a peaceful warrior, and I’m a spiritual guy, but guess what? I’m absolutely a wartime CEO and I know it,” Wand said. “This is when I have the clearest mind. This is when I can see things and I understand exactly what an opportunity looks like.”

Watch the debut episode of ForceForward here.

MEGHAN ASHA | Founder, FounderMade
We caught up with FounderMade‘s Founder Meghan Asha to learn how she’s pivoted the company’s business model to adapt to today’s climate amid COVID-19. FounderMade, a brand discovery platform that hosts trade shows and events to connect brands with key retailers and industry leaders, has since moved brand connectivity online since COVID-19’s outbreak in early March.

“The best brands tell their story, and right now digital is everything,” Asha said. “I think building a really strong business online is how you get through this. Diversify your revenue stream and figure out how you can go digital and pivot to digital as quickly as possible.”

Watch the full episode here.

Stay tuned for the next episode of ForceForward premiering May 19 featuring Lisa Hurwitz, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Grassroots.