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    24 Big Ideas That Will Shape the World in 2021, According to LinkedIn

    From holding employers accountable to their diversity commitments to returning to a more relaxed office, 2021 is shaping up to be a year unlike any other, thanks to the events of 2020. At the end of each year, LinkedIn editors reach out to their community of Influencers, Top Voices, and frequent contributors to share the […]

    • ForceBrands
    • December 13, 2020
    • Rebecca Fenton
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    Worker Confidence Booms in These Overlooked Cities

    In 2020 especially, optimism is in high demand and in short supply — except in these cities. According to a LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index that surveyed more than 33,000 U.S. professionals from July through September, there are 10 metro areas across the country where employee confidence is soaring. So what are the top 10 U.S. […]

    • ForceBrands
    • October 22, 2020
    • Rebecca Fenton
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    How Did You Find Your Last Job? Survey Reveals This Strategy Is Key

    While searching for a new job may look a lot different today than it did at the beginning of 2020, candidates are still relying on traditional strategies to find work. According to a poll from ForceBrands’ LinkedIn page, with an audience of 100,000 professionals, the majority of people (49 percent) found their last job by tapping […]

    • ForceBrands
    • October 19, 2020
    • Rebecca Fenton
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    Jobs Are Booming in These 12 US Cities

    There are certain cities that are synonymous with major job markets. For example, the tech industry is booming in San Francisco, Chicago has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley” of food and beverage, and the political pulse of the nation can best be felt in Washington D.C. However, these aren’t the only cities that are job […]

    • Career Advice
    • January 19, 2020
    • Madison Troyer
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    This Is the Best Day to Apply to a Job, According to LinkedIn

    It’s no secret that October is hiring season. As the year winds down, companies leverage the final quarter to budget and plan ahead for the next year. It’s during this time that employers look more closely at their growth strategy and at the talent needed to execute it. According to LinkedIn’s blog, there are more […]

    • ForceBrands
    • October 9, 2019
    • Rebecca Fenton
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    LinkedIn Reveals Top 50 Hottest Startups to Work for in 2019

    Connecting more than 645 million global professionals, networking platform LinkedIn just revealed its third annual ranking of top startups. The company’s editors and data scientists leveraged data from actions generated by millions of LinkedIn members to identify emerging companies that “are growing massively, scrambling industries, shifting talent flows around the world and, often, altering how […]

    • ForceBrands
    • September 4, 2019
    • Rebecca Fenton
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    5 LinkedIn Communities to Join for Career Inspiration

    LinkedIn is often regarded as the best social media platform for professionals. According to Hootsuite, two professionals join LinkedIn each second. And as of early 2019, 154 million U.S. workers had active profiles. Still, many of us are underutilizing the platform. While it serves as an online résumé and networking tool, its value goes well […]

    • Career Advice
    • August 27, 2019
    • Madison Troyer
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    9 Expert LinkedIn Tips That Will Get Your Profile Noticed By Recruiters

    LinkedIn has become the driving force in connecting employers with potential employees and has exploded over the past couple of years. According to LinkedIn statistics, more than two users sign up to join the network each second. There is also an average of 100 job applications submitted monthly. LinkedIn allows recruiters to connect with members […]

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    7 Skills Companies Need Most in 2019

    Regardless of the industry, continued learning and development is always a good idea for those looking to grow in their roles. With so many free online courses and accessible resources, professionals can more easily meet the demands of their changing roles. LinkedIn Learning editor Paul Petrone recently published findings from LinkedIn‘s data that revealed exactly what […]

    • ForceBrands
    • January 30, 2019
    • Jane Harkness
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    4 Expert Tips to Get Your Profile Noticed On LinkedIn

    Whether you’re looking for a new job or simply want to refresh your profile, there’s never a bad time to update your online résumé on LinkedIn. Read on to discover some pro tips from ForceBrands recruiters on how you can stand out, get noticed, and build a more powerful LinkedIn profile. Oh, and don’t forget to […]

    • Career Advice
    • February 26, 2018
    • Rebecca Fenton